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Postby Nap » Sun Jun 10, 2007 12:11 pm

Those of you who joined in the league after the starting gun, you are in the the Pooled group of vPilots. In order to get out of the pooled group and into the main ladder, you need to complete a match, not just make a challenge.

* When we move into the Division stage, pooled players will not be accepted.

You will also notice that your rating is automatically calculated to be 1 point lower than the lowest on the ladder. The pooled group is intended to represent the guys who are on the starting line but haven't started running yet. Meanwhile the rest of the field is racing away. The earlier you have your match, the better off your rating will be.
Once you are on the ladder and getting your matches underway, your rating will solely depend on the results of your matches.

You can think of this as you being on the starting line putting your running shoes on, while the rest of the field is racing away.


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